Brand New: A Valueable Lesson in PR Tactics

Photo by: Ali Shutler

Brand New is a highly praised alternative-rock band originally from Long Island, New York. Brand New is known for their release of four albums: The Devil and God are Raging Inside me, Your Favorite Weapon, Daisy, and Deja Entendu. Brand New was formed in 2000 and gained popularity after their first album release of Your Favorite Weapon in 2001. Brand New progressively began to snowball in publicity once they released many mysterious songs, messages, and questionable rumors that caused their fans to go mad:

  • Cryptic & Mysterious Sounds on the album Daisy
    • Daisy was released in 2008 and included many top hits such as Bed, Gasoline, and You Stole. Many of their songs off Daisy has made fans question their use of cryptic noises and what sounds to be interviews or monologs — and their overall meaning behind them. In an interview with Spin Magazine, lead singer Jesse Lacey reveals he found the samples from an estate sale and soon discovered they were of a Texas sermon — he later decided to add them to the album. He still doesn’t admit if there is a deeper meaning to the hidden clips, but it has continued to have fans questioning the context.
  • Updated Website
    • According to an article in Alternative Press Magazine, Brand New updated their website in a very mysterious way that left many people scratching their heads. A ‘mysterious’ button was added to their website that included the words “HYPE” — then was later changed to “NODE.” Both of these links led the user to an external website that was either a music video or an Illuminati website with useless information. “What does it mean? No clue. Honestly, it doesn’t sound too farfetched that the band are just f*cking with us” (Alternative Press Magazine, 2014).
  • Merch with 2000-2018
    • During their 2016 summer tour with Modest Mouse, Brand New was actively selling merchandise with the dates 2000-2018 printed on it leading many fans to believe they were officially announcing their break up. This was later confirmed in an article posted on Consequence of Sound. According to the article, Jesse announced to the crowd, “We’re done. Oh yeah, we’re done, and it makes nights like this all the more special so thanks for being here.”

After reviewing just a few PR tactics mentioned here, I think it’s safe to say Brand New has it all figured out — no wonder they are one of the most well-known alternative-rock bands in the genre. Though they won’t be around for much longer I urge everyone to keep an eye on their branding and media coverage, you never know what is going to mysteriously pop up.