Quick Music Discovery Guide for a “Busy” Millennial


Photo by: Victoria Walenga

We all know how active millennials can be especially this time of the year — you crave great underground music, but you don’t know where to find it. Here’s a quick guide to assist you in satisfying all your music discovery needs in a short amount of time:


Bandcamp is a blessing to many bands/artists who are just getting started and need a seamless way to sell and upload their music. The artist is able to tag their album(s) according to genre making it easier for fans to discover. The “discover” tab on the home page allows you to quickly choose your favorite genre and scroll through the recent posts, in hopes of discovering something you didn’t know you were looking for in the first place.


Along with Bandcamp, Soundcloud is one of the most popular platforms for unique music discovery. On Soundcloud you can listen to their “top 50” chart where you can filter according to what genre you are into at the moment. Once you make an account, you have access to the “discover” tab where you can find tracks you’ve been looking for your whole life. Soundcloud provides you with suggested songs that correlate with your previously played tracks through their powerful algorithm.


Hillydilly is a compelling platform that includes music that is handpicked just for you to discover. Their homepage includes a ‘CHARTS’ playlist that highlights their recent top tracks. You are also able to curate playlists according to mood & activities that were selectively put together to satisfy the listener. Hillydilly is a quick way to unearth some new artists you’ll be sure to love.

Though these are only a few suggested platforms for quick, seamless music discovery there are different variations that are just as successful. These platforms are sure to assist you in discovering a quick song to drive, workout, read, or work to all within a snap.