A University Student’s Quick Guide to Jobs in the Music Industry


Photo by: Victoria Walenga


You’re fresh out of college, or in your senior year and you have to start worrying about finding a job post-graduation. You know you want to work within the music industry, but you’re torn between what capacity. This guide is here to quickly inform you on some of the jobs that are present within the music industry in hopes of guiding you to your dream job.

  • Tour manager: 
    • Tour managers are in charge of scheduling, managing transportation for the band and crew, and some financial aspects of the artist’s time while out on the road. The main purpose of a tour manager is to ensure everything runs together seamlessly — along with communicating with promoters and those who work at the venues.
  • A&R coordinator:
    • There are many different job variations within the A&R field, but basic duties include: finding talent for the label, overseeing the completion of the signed artists’ albums, all while maintaining budgets for artists, etc.
  • Promoter: 
    • A promoter typically works for a venue or an independent agency that focuses on organizing and booking talent for shows. A promoter typically focuses on getting bodies into the door, securing the venue, and marketing the event to the public. This is usually done through social media, flyers, videos, and other tactics.
  • Booking agent & Talent Buyer:
    • Similar to a promoter, a booking agent focuses on setting and negotiating deals and planning tours for bands on their roster — or negotiating deals to get a tour to come to a certain venue.
  • Publicist: 
    • A publicist focuses on certain bands and carefully filters the information that is released to the public. Along with handling press conferences, press releases, and typical tour information. This job is more focused on PR and the impression of the band that is perceived by the fans.
  • Event Photographer:
    • An event photographer can be freelance, work for an independent agency or a label. The purpose of an event photographer is to capture every moment of the tour in order to engage the fans and provide documentation that can later be used as tactics.

These are some of the most popular jobs in the music industry today. Sadly there isn’t a step-by-step guide to assist you in landing one of these jobs. Hard work, determination, and knowledge of the industry can position you in front of your peers who are seeking the same position.